to the ENGIE Transparency website. The integrity of European wholesale energy markets, and the confidence that market participants and consumers can have in these markets, depend to a large extent on increased transparency of key data about supply and demand for electricity and natural gas, including LNG. On December 28, 2011, the Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency entered into force across the European Union, with a view to create a legislative framework for such integrity and transparency of our markets. This framework provides for the publication by asset operators such as ENGIE to inform the public in an efficient and timely manner about certain data related to its assets. ENGIE supports this drive towards integrity and transparency. On this website you will find selected information about the capacity of ENGIE assets to produce, store and transmit electricity and gas (incl. LNG) in the European Union, as well as planned and unplanned unavailability of these assets. If we have our partners' consent, our publication also covers data on the jointly owned or operated assets, unless there are legal restrictions for such publication by ENGIE.